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Powerful Dashboard

Why ping your team individually for a quick update on a project’s status? With Kualitee's powerful and interactive dashboard, you get a 360° view of every ongoing project’s status once you log on. With Kualitee around, no more running after everyone to gather updates. Simply, login and view updated status reports, test scenarios, test cases, bug reports, etc

Kualitee Features 1

Project Management

A stress-free Project Management is a tester’s dream. Let Kualitee help you manage your testing activities without getting tangled in different documents. Create your own testing project and sync it with your testing requirements. Not just that, you can define your testing team by adding users who can also view the results and make status updates after bug fixes.

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Kualitee Features 2

Requirement Planning

Kualitee lets you conveniently associate your test scenarios and test cases with your project’s requirements in just a few clicks. Once they’re pushed for execution, you get updates for every minuscule bit of information showing up, all thanks to easy traceability. With a 360° view of everything in action, you can see which requirement test cases have passed, which ones have failed, and which ones are good to go for deployment. Say Good bye to individual sharing of project requirements with every team member, sync them on Kualitee and ease up.

Kualitee Features 2

Test Management

Cover your test management requirements effortlessly with Kualitee! Simply make a detailed test plan, write test scenarios, develop and create test cases and execute those test cases. For utter convenience, you can reuse the test cases in your regression cycles instead of spending ages creating a new one. Save your work in PDF and Word and use it whenever you need.

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Kualitee Features 3

Defect Management

Identifying bugs is easy, but managing, organizing, and tracking them in one place is somewhat struggling. Well, not with Kualitee it isn’t! Our information-rich format clears your line of sight by consolidating your activities and configurations in one place. Simply record, manage, and track all your testing efforts in a highly-productive user interface and have access to all your projects at your fingertips.

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Kualitee Features 4

Automation Testing

You don't just get a tool with Kualitee – you get the freedom to automate your testing activities. Powered by Selenium, you can simply incorporate input-driven scripts in Kualitee and run them across in your Selenium-supported test environment with least human intervention and experience reduced error index.

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Kualitee Features 2


From pushing pipelines to syncing defects, creating custom tests to reporting bugs, Kualitee offers seamless integrations with multiple powerful apps to streamline workflow and sync data, giving you an enhanced experience that is fast, adjustable, and powerful. Manage your releases and collaborate with your teams without missing out on any mission-critical aspects without any disruptions. That’s Kualitee’s word!

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Kualitee Features 5

Mobile App

If we’re not wrong, a mobile test management tool was on your wish list for long! Guess what? Kualitee has a mobile version that gives you the convenience of working on-the-go…anywhere, anytime just like its desktop version. Whether its logging and assigning defects, approving or rejecting your test cases, Kualitee helps you develop an even more real feel to your real-time Test Management in just a few taps here and there.

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Kualitee Features 5


Don’t want to abandon your favorite tool? Then don’t. Simply integrate your existing workflow with Kualitee’s very own APIs. With this collaboration, you can greatly reduce disruptions and also adds value to the end-product. Our interactive APIs will transform your business and gain competitive advantage.

Kualitee Features 5

No Software Hassle

How about enjoying a hassle-free environment to manage your testing lifecycle? With Kualitee, you won’t feel the need to spend extra cash on hardware or software installations to run your testing operations. Our user-friendly features give you the freedom to use it from anywhere, at any time.

Kualitee Features 5

Laser Focus Visibility

Kualitee focuses on attention to detail and gives you a laser focus visibility into the software. Through multiple levels of reporting and formatting, you can easily access the stability and scalability status anytime. With hundreds of things to manage in a limited time span, Kualitee is the best help in executing multiple tasks at lightning fast speed. Get a magnifying view of every micro to macro level detail with Kualitee!

Kualitee Features 6

Flexible User Controls

Kualitee provides added control over your test management lifecycle. There are multiple login categories for users according to the control provided to them. QA engineers, developers, QA manager and development manager are assigned different roles to run the entire test management activity. Approvals and authorizations by QA manager and development manager provide added control and visibility into the testing activity.

Kualitee Features 7

Multiple Access Mediums

Bug management gives you a detailed picture of the type of defects. You can capture a bug by reporting different aspects of abnormalities in our information rich format. You can further manage your defects by approving, assigning to developers, rejecting and logging comments for future references. Bugs can be tracked in multiple ways, simplifying the process many fold through different viewing formats. You can monitor the bug history any time with multiple information pointers.

Kualitee Features 8

Multiple Formats

Sharp as Tester’s instinct, our process flow streamlines the documentation and reports for each finished test case. Without getting in chaos, you can extract any attached files or screenshots, documentation, and instant reports for your daily/weekly status meetings by simply exporting them in multiple formats such as Excel, Access, and Word. Yep, that easy!

Kualitee Features 9

Multiple Test Cycles

Usually, you can’t get a 100% flawless end-product by running just a single test cycle. That’s why Kualitee concentrates on running multiple test cycles using same test cases or adding new ones to develop the application. It is developed from the perspective to handle your regression testing requirements in real-time to enjoy frequent application releases with enhanced maturity.

Kualitee Features 10

Enhanced Security

Kualitee is all about taking privacy and security seriously. Hence, to safeguard your privacy and security, Kualitee is certified with the highest strength of SSL encryption. The test management product is strictly associated with identity management and role-based access permissions that go beyond the standard password protection. To keep you away from fatigue later, we regularly backup data to ensure recoverability.

Kualitee Features 11

Roles & Privileges

Roaming and randomization is not a thing in Kualitee. Testing becomes fun when it’s based on a disciplined row of team members. In Kualitee, you can create and define roles under a certain set of privileges that keep the users in specific job roles and authorities. The administrator or top manager selects and implies privileges to a role and transfer them to a User.

  • Admin Tenant
  • Developer
  • Tester
  • Test Manager
Kualitee Features 12

Email Notifications

For your added convenience, Kualitee allows you to customize email notifications for different roles and privileges. These notifications instantaneously alert the relevant team members about any new change(s) in an ongoing project.

Kualitee Features 13

User-Friendly Interface

Kualitee’s interface is super user-friendly and offers intuitive functioning and performance that makes test management more engaging and FUN!

Kualitee Features 14

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