No more wasting time on manual test case creation. At Kualitee, we understand the need for speed and efficiency especially when it comes to complex tasks like testing.

Kualitee’s AI feature takes your requirements and test scenarios, then automatically generates detailed test cases for you—no hassle!

Here’s how it works:

1- Provide your requirements and test scenarios. All you have to do is input text, describing the functionality you want to test.

2 – Let AI do the work! The AI engine analyzes your input and generates a set of test cases.

3 – Review the generated test cases, make any adjustments needed, and import them directly into your project.

It’s that simple!

Benefits of AI-powered test case generation:

  • Say goodbye to tedious manual tasks and give your attention to high-level testing strategies.
  • AI reduces the risk of human error, ensuring thorough test coverage.
  • Test cases will be generated promptly, speeding up your testing process.
  • Spend less time writing and more time testing, maximizing your team’s output and being more productive.