Integrates with Bitbucket

Bitbucket Pipelines is a product of Atlassian that incorporates the entire team to build, test and deploy from Bitbucket. It is a built-in feature that gives end-to-end visibility at all stages. With Pipelines, you can simply integrate with Kualitee in a matter of seconds and deploy your code without needing to setup a CI server, process configuration or synchronize repositories.

Key Feature

Bitbucket pipelines allow you to integrate and manage your deployments at one place, without the need to set up a CI server. You simply provide permission for Bitbucket integration in Kualitee and you are good to go.


To begin configuration:
Begin with domain level to start using Bitbucket pipelines with Kualitee.
Create a Build in Kualitee to integrate with Bitbucket Pipelines.
Edit your Build and choose the action you want to run from the integration drop down menu.
Configure your Build with the repository and branches in Bitbucket.