Integration with Automation Tool Reports

Kualitee is integrated with reports from Cucumber and Mochawesome. Cucumber is a testing automation tool that supports behavior-driven development. Mochawesome is a custom reporter for use with the JavaScript testing framework, mocha. 


Key Feature

With this integration, you will be able to see the results of your test cases executed in an automation tool within Kualitee without any manual effort. Results of those test cases will be reflected automatically in Kualitee, by pointing it towards Kualitee through the API. Simply configure your API according to the provided JSON format and integrate Kualitee in your automation flow.



To setup the Kualitee integration with Cucumber and Mochawesome reports, you have to configure the Test Execution Report of your Framework with Kualitee. Go to the Test Case Execution module, and get the API from the Kualitee API Documentation.
The rest of the parameters required for configuration (i.e. UserFile, Token, Project_ID, Type of Report) will be mentioned in the API.