Integrates with JIRA

Jira is a project management tool, a product of Atlassian. It is widely used by teams to manage, organize and track team activities. With its issue tracking, you can perform your testing more easily. It also helps in planning team activities with prompt and thorough incorporation from both ends. Kualitee, as a major incentive, integrates with Jira to provide both one-way (i.e. Kualitee to Jira) and two-way integration and keep the information updated at all times for all ends. There is also a Kualitee plugin for Jira available on Atlassian Marketplace for test management.


Key Feature

Kualitee’s integration with Jira allows you to create and update your defects either in Kualitee or Jira. You can also integrate your stories with your Requirements in the Kualitee module. 

The two-way sync feature synchronizes all issues in both tools. Kualitee’s Jira integrated mapping wizard allows you to create issues and stories from Kualitee inside Jira as per the demand of the task. 



Jira requires you to be an admin in Jira and an Admin Tenant in Kualitee to configure two-way integration between two tools. Kualitee offers two integrations with Jira; one is basic with hard-coded field integrations, and the second is a custom mapping for all issue types inside Jira.

To configure:

– Go to Settings and select integration from the drop-down menu.
– Click “Create New” in the external tool integration listing.
– Select, Jira tool from drop down menu.
– Enter the details of your admin account.
– Click “Save” button to finalize Jira integration.