JIRA, a product of Atlassian, is used by thousands of teams for tasks related to project management, organize & track issues and planning team activities. With this exclusive two-way integration, you can use Jira within Kualitee and ship releases with confidence knowing that the information is up-to-date.



Create and execute your test cases within Kualitee and manage issues either in Kualitee or JIRA at your convenience. The two-way integration allows you to auto-sync all your issues in either of the tools in a matter of seconds. With the mapping wizard, you can select which issue from Kualitee would you like to label as “bug”, “epic”, “task”, or “story” inside Jira.

For all the issues created or synced inside Kualitee, create custom bug or execution reports in a format of your choice.



You will need to be an Admin in JIRA and an Admin Tenant in Kualitee to successfully configure two-way integration between both the tools. Kualitee currently offers two different integrations with JIRA, one for Issue type bug only for all plans including community and the second custom mapping for all issue types inside JIRA.

To get started, follow these instructions for either of the integrations mentioned

  • Go to Settings and select integration from the drop-down menu.
  • Click “Create New” in the external tool integration listing.
  • Select the external integration tool from drop down (e.g. JIRA)
  • Enter the following details of your admin account in JIRA username, password and domain URL
  • Click “Save” button to finalize integration

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