Top Software Testing tools in 2020

18 Jun, 2020

In today’s fast-paced industry with technology heavily at play, and fierce competition between enterprises has significantly squeezed the time and performance margin that the testing teams used to enjoy until the time of manual testing.  In the contemporary scenario, lingering on or sticking to manual test management is not an option anymore. Besides, there are extremely sophisticated and fine test management tool options available now that it not only makes testing all fun and games but also saves time and improves the overall performance associated with testing and test management. The dynamics of software development change so rapidly that the integration of AI has become more of a norm and the intertwined area of software development like DevOps, QA, agile methodologies and interactive interfaces, all call for a well rounded and sophisticated approach to testing.

Top Software Testing Tools for Better Quality Assurance

Following is a list of a few top software testing tools for software testing. Since software development companies cannot imagine development without a complete test management solution at hand, here is what options to explore:

1. Kualitee

Kualitee is a comprehensive test management tool that makes testing all fun and games with its various integrations and multiple tools. The greatest advantage associated with Test management software is the transparency – it keeps the testing engineers on board at each step and saves time and effort. Kualitee with its various integrations like JIRA, Selenium, Bitbucket, and Jenkins allows for a wide range of testing needs and supports all the different types of users. It also allows to effortlessly manage multiple test cycles at one time which again improves the overall testing performance with minimum manual effort. Kualitee with its features like test management, project management, defect management, and requirement planning, etc. makes test management software incomparable to other test management solutions. 


ACCELQ is an AI-based test management tool that leverages codeless automation without oversimplification of the process. It involves a dynamic process that takes on, addresses, and engages the test engineers throughout the cycle. ACCELQ uses a flexible approach that frees the user from vendor locks and provides greater accessibility. The major highlight of this software is cost effectiveness-it increases productivity by three times and lowers the cost by 50%. Change BOTs closely analyze the continuously evolving dynamics and address accordingly. While it is way more efficient than manual testing, ACCELQ goes the extra mile and facilitates the manual testers in automating their test cycles as well. Good to go with all browsers and Operating Systems, ACCELQ is among the top test management tools for 2020.

3. Selenium

Selenium is one of the most comprehensive yet basic software when it comes to testing web pages. It has a separate feature for specified usage and purpose which makes it even simpler and a preferred choice by the testers. Selenium WebDriver, Selenium IDE, and Selenium Grid are the major features that are meant for various types of user needs. Selenium WebDriver automates web browsers in a language-specific environment. Selenium IDE specializes in producing bug reproduction scripts and can be incorporated with Firefox and Chrome for smooth functioning. Selenium Grid allows you to run test cycles in different environments and on multiple machines from one central point. Compatible with multiple languages like Groovy, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, C#, and Pearl, Selenium is one well-rounded test software that encompasses all manual testing solutions in an unparalleled manner.  

4. Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is an end-to-end automation platform that provides testing solutions across all operating systems and platforms. It offers codeless testing for the beginners while infinite testing extensions for the expert testers. It makes it a well-rounded test software option. The Katalon toolkit integrates well with the tester’s ecosystem and shifts effortlessly from automated testing to continuous testing. Katalon Studio has hundreds of keywords in the library that allows for easier creation of test cases and paving way for both automated as well as exploratory testing. The comprehensive features that this tool allows makes it one of the top test management software at present.

5. IBM Rational Functional Tester

An automated and data-driven testing platform that is used for regression and functional testing, IBM rational functional tester is designed for testing applications that have been created from different languages and technologies. One of the main components of this software testing tool is that it supports storyboard testing; users can perform visual editing through snapshots and represent the test activities in a narrative, storyboard format. This helps the user’s infrequent user interface changes while saving overhead costs of maintenance. Furthermore, with IBM rational functional testers, it is not only easier to detect issues in the early stages, but the software application is able to integrate seamlessly with other software to accommodate collaborative application management.

6. Tricentis Tosca

Tricentis is a complete testing toolset that offers all services regarding testing ranging from test and automated designing to test analytics and reports. It offers script less and codeless test automation that reduces maintenance costs and time. with its Automation Recording Assistant, even a beginner can record and replay the test cycle which frees the user from liability of being an expert in the field. Its model-based approach removes the technical barrier allowing the user to perform API testing simply by a business readable interface. The virtual services it offers to allow the users to perform testing activities without in-depth technical knowledge. It liberates the users from dependency upon other parties that hinder the speed of the process. Tricentis also eliminates the risk of data integrity issues through end to end testing across data warehouses. Tricentis can run tests on multiple platforms, multiple browsers, and different mobile devices. Various standards and protocols are also activated on this tool, which includes Rabbit MQ, HTTPs, JMS, AMQP, REST, SOAP, TIBCO EMS, and IBM MQ.   

7. Ranorex

Ranorex is an all-in-one testing solution as it allows to run tests for web, desktop, and mobile in one go. It also allows for remote testing and across browsers. For this reason, it is a go-to option for over ten thousand companies across the globe. Ranorex has a built-in methodology and easy-to-use tools that ensure quick and efficient delivery. A major highlight of Ranorex is the powerful report generation that allows the user to report issues and run tests in real-time. The reports are generated on Ranorex Studio, can be saved in PDF format, or Email reports can also be generated. The video test reports allow for smooth and timely resolution of issues by directly landing at the problem spot. Running parallel on various browsers and tool integrations, Ranorex makes automated testing easy and fun. It offers an interactive user interface and script generation that makes it easier and more efficient to work with, which makes it one of the top test management tools in the running year.   

8. Eggplant

Eggplant is among the few highly sophisticated and diverse testing tools for software. It is compatible with all the browsers and OS across all forms. It offers testing solutions ranging from UI to APIs and from the most basic software to the highly advanced and sophisticated ones. It uses an image-based approach with image and text search algorithms built in the system. This tool has an advanced edge to it that it looks at the application through the eye of the user and not the coding guy alone. This makes it easier to use even for beginner level users with no or little technical knowledge and training in the area. eggplant goes a step further from Automation Intelligence to Augmented Intelligence which boosts the human productivity manifold. Dealing with UI, UX, browsers, operating systems, multiple applications as well as client-based enterprise applications all in one place, Eggplant is one of the most sophisticated options in the software testing technology.  

9. TestComplete

With a rich set of features for mobile, web, and desktop application testing, TestComplete continues to be on the list for top testing tools in the industry. It has an uncommon object recognition feature that can accurately detect user interface elements. This tool proves to be more beneficial especially when it comes to constantly evolve and dynamic user interfaces.

The new revised version released in April 2020 includes the amplified and seamless integration of the application with Jira so that any kind of issues can be created through Jira for better issue management. The customers can record and playback the applications in different applications and then perform the tests on a wide range of other kinds of browsers. Apart from the cross-platform testing, TestComplete also has a self-healing functionality in the application powered by artificial intelligence mechanisms and it can be used to replace the objects with the help of image detection. TestComplete offers keyword-driven and record-and-replay test functionality that takes the user exactly at the point of need. Also, these test scripts can be reused without having to be written from scratch each time. TestComplete is one of the finest test management tools available in the market with its hybrid object recognition engine powered by AI.  


This list of top software testing tools in insight to what the testing technology has to offer in 2020. The area is dynamic and ever-evolving with newer concepts like artificial intelligence, cloud-based testing, and the internet of things emerging on the scene. So, while it is necessary to mandate the existing testing needs of software development, it is just as important to set the ground for future trends and sustainable solutions to the problems of the future! All these tools have their specialized niche and stronghold and it is best to choose the one that best suits the needs of your software and product, rather than to get carried away by the hype around a particular entity.  

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