How Bug Management Tools Can Save You Significant Time?

How Bug Management tools can save you significant time

Businesses are always looking for ways to become technologically advanced to meet the requirements of the changing market trends and to give a hard competition to other businesses. This requires them to keep welcoming new software and applications. This puts a lot of burden on the software development houses as they are asked to roll out new features and functionalities almost every month. The continuous demand for new versions leaves the developers with less time on their hands and this results in issues and glitches happening at times. What can be done in such situations to ensure a good quality of software delivered without spending a lot of money and time?

What Can A Software Development Company Do?

Well, the answer is simple! There is some management and tracking software out there designed to help developers ensure that the best quality of work is delivered. These tools help them to take notice of every single bug, ensure the priority is set for every task, design solutions, divide work among the team, and keep track of every activity. These tools are most commonly known as bug management tools. These tools have been around for quite a long time and have proven to be quite helpful. However, unfortunately, a lot of software development companies are still not aware of the existence and usage of these tools; instead, they head to a software testing company that adds to the time of delivery and robs them out too.

It has been like that for years. Now, things are changing a bit with every software development house having a team of testers sitting right in their office. These testers are equipped with needed experience, skillset, and tools. If you are thinking about having your own testing department at your software house too, we too would condone that idea. In case you are having second thoughts, we have some benefits listed down for you to help you make the final decision.

Saves a Lot of Time

As discussed already, software houses these days have to roll out a lot of versions for every client and this leaves them with so less time to test if everything is working fine or not. This becomes an issue at the later stages when the client finds issues in the product and asks for revisions. Testing is a time taking process and can’t be shrunk down in any case. However, with the help of issue management tools, you can discover the issues, side by side, get them prioritized, and get them solved. This instantly fastens up the pace of the work and the team of developers get more time to do better at their job.

Quality Work Delivered

All of the bug management tools in the market are designed to support developers to deliver the best quality of results. This happens when the team allows the tools to take care of the whole process of identifying the bugs and then assigning them to different members of the team. This ensures that the whole team is not working on the same bug while all of the other bugs are still in the line. Also, each bug is assigned to a team member given his experience and skill-set, ensuring that nothing but the best is received as end results.

Important Things First

Since these tools are designed to help the developers and testers manage the whole testing process, it helps them prioritize the bugs as well. So they get to identify bugs and then decide which ones are crucial to be dealt with first and which ones can wait for some more time. This helps the team to make plans for solving the important ones first ensuring no more harm is done either to the software or to the company overall. So even if the last few bugs are left when you meet your deadline, you can always ask for some more time to fix the bugs that are not very dangerous and will take just some time out of your routine.

More Projects and Revenue

Bug management tools help you in the overall testing procedure and ensure that you deliver the best results in time or maybe, even before the deadline. So once you start delivering good quality services on the promised deadline, you are left with so much time on your hands to take on new projects. This even boosts your image in the overall market so other businesses start approaching you to have their software built.

What is the Conclusion?

Opting for any of the technological tools is a difficult choice, let alone buying issue management tools. You have to consider a lot of things, discuss it with the team and then take the final decision. With welcoming new tools in your business, the cost suddenly goes up as you have to buy the tool, hire a new team, train the existing team members and even have a plan for its maintenance and upgrade. You might think of dropping this idea here and now like some not-so-progressive companies do.

However, we would like to share that all this investment you do in the beginning becomes a huge benefit for you later on. You can take on more projects, build even a better reputation, and even decrease the size of your testing team afterward. This directly affects your return on investment as you start generating more revenue in a few months to come. So yes, if you ask us, we would suggest you buy one of the best but not-so-costly issue management tools.

A vast majority of the companies who signed up for having these tools haven’t looked back. You can have the same experience as well. Now, every company is moving towards technology and you will have to accept all these tools as well either today or tomorrow. So why not just go for them today when you have the chance, need, and the time too?