Defect Tracking Software in the Age of AI

defect tracking software
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  • Posted On: October 4, 2023

The age of AI is becoming more and more ingrained in our everyday world, making our lives much easier. When it comes to defect tracking software, this means that we can now say goodbye to human error, as we have a literal computer providing us with data. That being said, what are the benefits of AI in bug tracking, and why should you consider it for your team? This article will provide some insight into the matter.

Improved Defect Tracking Delivery Time

As a developer, even if you do use defect tracking software, you still need to manually go through all the bugs and manage them. This process may sound simple but is very time-consuming. Not only do you need the time to go through all the errors, but you also need time to come up with a solution. By adding AI into the mix, you significantly reduce delivery time by automating the entire process, start to finish.

Increased Efficiency

As a developer, you and your team likely have a lot of complex tasks to take on. While automation can solve some of the issues, the decision-making part of the human mind may also be required. For this reason, artificial intelligence can prove very useful, as it takes one more task off your shoulders, at least for the simpler incidents. This should allow you to put your focus on the more complex tasks.

Reduced Resource Expenses

The issue tracking lifecycle can be very expensive. Each minute is precious and can significantly increase your overall cost with time. After all, every human needs to be paid for the time they spend on fixing these issues. For an AI, it’s different – you do not need to pay them. By minimizing human interaction, your expenses should be kept at a minimum.

Improved Bug Tracking Accuracy

As humans, we are prone to error. Even if the issue tracking tool tells us exactly where the problem is, we may not know what caused it or what to do about it. By using AI, your team can narrow down the problem much faster. Potential AI-generated reports can also make it easier for the developers to understand the issue.

Faster Information Delivery

In the world of defect tracking, there will be a time when you’ll run into a problem, only to realize that you have no way of fixing it. In these cases, you’ll either have to hit the books or ask someone with knowledge on the matter. Both options can potentially be time-consuming, and you may need to wait until you get an answer. When you integrate issue management programs with AI, you may ask about your issues through a chatbot. This way, you can receive a useful answer in record time.

The Bottom Line

AI can offer developers all the tools they need for a quick and accurate report. It saves time, offers details, and allows you to focus on the tasks that matter. Artificial Intelligence still has a long way to go, but once implemented, it can be very useful when used with defect tracking software.