How to Automate Your Test Case Management Process

test case management
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  • Posted On: October 5, 2023

Test case management tools can be very efficient for finding issues in your code and ensuring a top-quality product. However, when it comes to complex products, multiple tests may be necessary to ensure a high-quality result. This can be very time-consuming to do manually, which is why automation can prove very useful. Here are some tips and best practices for you to automate the testing process.

Decide on What Test Cases Should Be Automated

While you might feel tempted to automate everything, doing this is not practical. As a result, in the first stage, you need to figure out what tests you want automated. If the test only needs to be performed a few times, then you may leave that for manual testing. However, if the test is repetitive and takes a lot of time and effort, then you should consider automating it. Tests that are at risk of causing human error can also benefit more from automation.

Choose the Right Automated Testing Tool

Finding the right test case management tool is important for your automation process. There are plenty of useful apps on the market, but you have to find the one that fits your company’s needs the most. Keep in mind the technology and platforms that you are testing, along with the features that they have. You should make automated tests that can be reused for future runs, streamlining your process.

Ensure Sufficient Understanding of Test Case Management

When automating test case management, make sure that there is enough understanding of the behavior and functionality of the app. The more you know about it, the easier it should be for you to determine which test is to be run. A mapping feature can come in handy here, as it can walk you through all the stages of the test. A good idea would be to conduct an exploratory test so that you may familiarize yourself with the behavior and features.

Divide the Testing Efforts

Automated tests may require people of different skill levels to conduct the reports. For instance, some people may understand script writing better, whereas others may be more versed in data analysis. Automated tests will still require some human involvement, so you need to make sure that the efforts are divided accordingly. This will ensure that your testing process goes smoothly.

Ensure The Automated Tests Are Resistant to Changes

An automated test that relies on a keyword or script may be dependent on the application used. With each build, the application interface may change, especially during the process’s early stages. This can either affect your test results or cause the automated test to no longer work with new versions. To ensure there are no issues, you should make it resistant by changing the names of the controls throughout the project.  

The Bottom Line: Test Case Management

Automating your test case management is not that difficult to do, as long as you respect a few key elements. If you keep things well-organized and fitting for your product, you should be able to obtain accurate results.