Kualitee Secures 14 Awards in G2’s Summer 2022 Reports!

Bug Tracking Software 
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  • Posted On: June 30, 2022

On 22nd June 2022, G2, the world’s largest software marketplace, announced its much-awaited badges for this year’s summer quarter, along with their accompanying grid reports. Bug Tracking Software 

Kualitee is ecstatic to be awarded with a grand total of 14 badges, across the Bug Tracking Software, Software Testing Tools, and Test Management Software categories.

It is entirely due to our users’ continuous support and authentic feedback because of which we were able to achieve this. Super grateful to all our customers for leaving honest feedback!

Here’s a breakdown of our wins:  

High Performer – Bug Tracking Software 

High Performer, Mid-Market – Bug Tracking Software 

High Performer, Asia – Software Testing Tools  

High Performer, Asia Pacific – Software Testing Tools 

High Performer – Software Testing Tools 

Best Estimated ROI, Mid-Market – Test Management Software 

Best Estimated ROI – Test Management Software 

High Performer – Test Management Software 

High Performer, Mid-Market – Test Management Software 

High Performer, Small Business – Test Management Software 

Users Most Likely to Recommend, Mid-Market – Test Management Software 

Users Love Us 

Test Management Software 

Data from G2’s Summer 2022 Grid Report for Bug Tracking showed that the highest-rated features of Kualitee are: 

  • Bug History – Bug Tracking 

  10% above average 

  • Analytics – Bug Tracking 

 4% above average 

  • Team Reports and Comments – Bug Tracking 

  1% above average 

We are also rated #1 for:

  • Integration (Test Management, Mid-Market)
  • Reporting (Test Management, Mid-Market)
  • Bug History (Bug Tracking, Mid-Market)
  • Bug History (Bug Tracking)

A huge thanks, once again, to all our users for leaving such great reviews!

To read Kualitee’s reviews on G2 and gain insight into its rankings, visit: https://www.g2.com/products/kualitee/reviews.