Tester’s Diary: It’s A Wonderful Time Of The Year

Tester’s Diary - It’s A Wonderful Time Of The Year
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  • Posted On: December 24, 2019

The holiday season is here and you’ve probably wrapped up all your work by now. If you haven’t, get it done. You don’t want to be spending your holidays getting calls from your boss about the issues you left unresolved. Anyway, it’s very similar to Friday’s feeling but this time you’ve more holidays to enjoy. Shop, party, eat, sleep, and travel. Just make sure you don’t come back to work regretting that you could’ve done much more because it’s the same old work when you get back.  

Being a tester isn’t an easy job and it won’t be wrong to say that you’ve earned these holidays. Us testers work relentlessly, days and sometimes nights too. It gets harder and harder as the pressure mounts, we meet the deadlines, we take a beating and are often undervalued for the effort we put in. But these holidays, are the chance we get to relax, spend time with our loved one, enjoy the festivals and probably reflect on where we’re going in our busy routines.

But don’t ever think that you’re wasting your time and effort without doing anything significant. You might be tempted to think like that because of your struggles but instead, you should be proud by thinking of people benefiting directly or indirectly from your work. Take example of an e-commerce app you’ve tested that is successfully facilitating millions of users to buy gifts for their loved ones, a GPS navigation app you’ve tested that is helping thousands of families find their destinations while on a road trip, or a point-of-sale software you’ve tested that lets customers speed through the checkout. It can be anything. And with a positive mindset, you may find many examples. And if you can’t, at least you know that there is a lot of potential for making an impact in the field you are in.

You’ve probably spent some hours after work or at the weekend buying gifts for your friends and family this month. But don’t forget to gift yourself too. That gift should be a peace of mind, something we often ignore in our busy routines. You’re a hardworking and motivated tester who likes to get things done. You get the issues resolved and reports ready before your boss even asks for it. This is a quality that will take you a long way. But you have to steady your ship before it runs out of fuel. It’s impossible to sustain the same level of energy and efficiency if you put your 100% daily. You have to take a break and learn when to stop. So, make sure to leave your work at the office and enjoy this Christmas to the fullest.

From all of us in Team Kualitee, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!