Above the Fold Benefits of Regression Testing for OEMs

Regression Testing
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  • Posted On: November 19, 2018

The proliferation of smartphones has resulted in an increase in the demand for enhanced apps and devices. There is more focus on developing strong and improved devices that can deal with digital pressures and customer expectations.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) create different software upgrades and additional accessories. Therefore, there is a constant upgrade that involves regression testing where a huge number of test cases are implemented to ensure good quality software performance. There could be continuous modifications across various products. However, it is significant to make sure that the other elements within the system must not get disrupted due to the current modifications. This arises a need for a complex regression suite in order to check service validation.

Here are a few reasons why regression testing is suggested for OEMs:


It effectively tracks all the bugs

Regression tests become a part of the bug detecting report for the system where the symptoms triggered by a bug are detected. During this process, different features and functions are traced for inspecting the duplication of symptoms caused by a code. The test assists in tracing these defects and detecting the reason through continuous regression.

This is very important for OEMs because any update can affect the performance of the whole device or system. Effective tracking can guarantee complete confidence that the issues and errors will not reappear.


Connecting Back to The Symptoms and Detecting the Main Reason

There are several factors behind a particular behavior or symptom. However, it is important to trace the code back to the warning sign and make sure that it is initiating the disruption. Or else, it can make an extreme disruption if the code is not successfully traced back. As a result, the struggle in trying to identify and rectify the defect be unsuccessful, resulting duplications.

Consequently, Regression Testing can assist in entire symptom coverage by detecting the vague connections amongst certain behaviors.


Documentation Allows Quicker Turnaround

Regression testing requires detailed documentation. This becomes significant for referencing and backtracking. Regression tests log detailed comments, and defect management report documentation assist teams to overcome the defect speedily and create a unified code management system. This documentation is used to develop automated tests used to accelerate the testing cycle.


Ensuring seamless operation

Regression testing guarantees that the code gets fixed and all elements function together, particularly with reference to OEMs. The finest technique is the automation of the tests, which reduces the errors and guarantees performance. Quick continuous testing is required to assist in code rectification and feature assessment of the device. Regression test suites are regularly utilized to guarantee the integrated functioning and the system’s operation.

These days, users want quick modifications in their devices and apps. In this era of digital transformation, up-to-date features and modifications are necessary to survive in a stimulating market scenario. Regression Testing is crucial to confirm that the whole device or app performs flawlessly.