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Don't leave the software bugs unattended - manage
them better with Kualitee

Defect Management

Kualitee will give you a detailed picture of the type of defects. Once recorded, the Bugs could be tracked in multiple ways, simplifying the process many fold through different viewing formats. You will be able to monitor the bug history any time with multiple information pointers. Kualitee offers what any defect management software provides and much more.

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Log, import or sync your defects from JIRA in Kualitee’s information rich format.

With custom bug reports never miss out on any key information.

Key features

  • Information Rich Format You can now report and track the defects using information rich format and the interactive dashboard. These defects can be traced back and forth within the cycles and are also associated with the referenced test cases.
  • Create custom defect reports Create custom defect reports take advantage of the two way integration with defect management software like JIRA. You can also use custom fields to make this integration more appropriate under your business context.
  • Jira Integration You can now sync your defects with JIRA with simple setup selection. It is ideal for distributed teams, where the testers and Business Analysts can coordinate with two different tracking tools. The defects / issues created on one platform are logged on the other.
  • Flexible Reporting With its decoupled architecture, you can now log your defects independent of modules and test cycles and use them repetitively. This way the defects does not need to be created again and again in one module or case.

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