Integrates with Asana

Asana is a collaborative tool for project management and task management for teams engaged in different vertical projects. Kualitee’s integration with Asana allows you to sync issues and requirements through its two-way exclusive integration. You can link multiple Asana projects with Kualitee; whether you create requirements or issues in Asana or in Kualitee, you don’t need to switch applications for assignment or tracking.


Key Feature

With the Kualitee and Asana integration, it becomes easy for you to keep your teams in sync. QA teams can log issues with pre-configured mapping between Kualitee and Asana fields.

Information such as defect description, task name, steps to reproduce, status etc. can get synced into either tool for teams to take action.

You can use the tag system in Asana to define whether it is a requirement or defect, and it will be shown in the respective listing inside Kualitee.



To configure the two-way integration between Kualitee and Asana, you need admin level access on the tools. The integration is basic with hard-coded field to field mapping.

To Configure

  • Go to Settings and select integration from the top bar
  • Click “Create New” in the external tool integration listing
  • Select Asana tool from the drop down menu
  • Enter the details of your admin account

Click “Save” button for a successful integration and to start syncing issues.