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Project Management

Kualitee has a powerful project management module which allows you to manage, create, and integrate projects with Kualitee and you can take care of all those back to back project releases, iterations and more. Manage your team and align your sprints and modules with your test scenarios and test cases like many other project management software’s. Start by creating your project and integrating with tools like JIRA. Add your Team of Testers, Test Managers or Developers. Manage product changes and releases by creating builds and modules for your project.

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Easily manage and access all project related details including integrations in Project Management.

Define and manage team and roles under projects alongside effective task monitoring and reporting.

Manage your Project Sprints with Builds feature in Kualitee.

Group your Test Scenarios and Test Cases for your Project by Creating Modules.

Key features

  • End to End Testing Kualitee follows an end-to-end test cycle execution process, and with this feature, you can now create your projects with ease and convenience with simple User interface and selections.
  • Build Management Build management is a very crucial part of software development and testing cycle. Kualitee provides its users with an integrated Build management feature. Users can now create independent builds and associate users, modules and team within that build. The items are then used in Test Cycle and Test Lab to execute different cases and scenarios.
  • Create Modules Create modules group your requirements under it. You can now create test cases and scenarios and associate these with the respective modules. With proper reporting Kualitee can represent the data with modules and their respective requirements.
  • Manage Your Team Kualitee helps you manage your test teams. You can add users as per your available package and this team list will be available for you to add in the project and associate with a task.

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