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The ultimate test management solution,
for testers by testers!

Test Management

Kualitee helps you develop and execute detailed test plan, and test cases. You can have the control to use and execute test cases as you need them. You can choose test cases and reuse test cases in your regression cycles.

The Export feature allows you to extract your work in PDF, Word and CSV any time you need. Create your test scenarios, test cases in the Test Management module. Manage all the steps of your test case in a formal and professional way with Kualitee's dedicated Test Management module.

Test Case Management Tool

Kualitee’s features speak for their quality themselves. With sophistication, our test case management tool makes the process of creating and executing a test case as easy as one, two, three! Our tool increases the personal productivity of your resources as well as the overall quality of your product.

Our tool has an export feature that allows you to extract data in PDF, Word, and CSV at any time. This will help you save a lot of time. Manage all the steps of your test case professionally with Kualitee’s dedicated features. Our fully functional and all-inclusive test management tool allows you to create, organize, track, and execute all of your testing activities. Handle test cases more naturally and intuitively.

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Create detailed Test Scenario’s with build & module association in Kualitee.

Create Test Cases, Copy them or save them as a Template for future use.

With custom reports, create and export test reports in a format of your choice.

Key features

  • Customizable fields You can customize fields as per your test project requirement and with very much less hassle. So if you are using a third party or integrated data source, Kualitee will provide you a flexible approach.
  • Make Copies or Save as Template Make copies of your test cases or save them as a template for re-usability. Test case writing is sometimes a repetitive job, therefore we have allowed users to create test case templates which they can recall at the time of test case writing, and hence save their time.
  • Attachments You can now attach important screenshots or links with your Test Cases. To make it more enhancing, we have put this option with all important fields. It makes the test case comprehensive and understandable.
  • Test Reports Create comprehensive custom test reports in Kualitee and keep track of your test coverage, references and status etc.

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