5 Reasons Why Startups Must Invest in Software Testing Process

Software Testing
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  • Posted On: December 4, 2018

Startups are raw and always on some sort of a roller coaster ride to break through a competitive industry. This is because, they are developing and launching something that is new, unheard of, or perhaps even unbelievable for some people. Therefore, they must invest to enhance their software testing process.

Keeping this scenario mind, we are presenting you with a list of five reasons why a startup must invest in a software testing process.

Investing in A Software Testing Process Helps You to Save Money

When you are launching your product, you have less finance and you cannot take the risk of customer dissatisfaction. So, introducing faulty software product costs your users and clients.

It’s also vital to invest in a test management tool that is a right for you and your team because it will increase collaboration and efficiency.

In addition, it becomes expensive and difficult to resolve bugs if you take longer to detect them. Therefore, employing QA testing during the development process of the software will save you time and money.

It Helps in Maintaining Great User Experience

User experience plays an imperative role in making or breaking the product. Unfortunately, a software glitch or malfunction deteriorates the impression of the product in front of customers. Bad user experience often results in frustration and dissatisfaction. On the contrary, good user experience is the result of the accurately tested software product. This leads to satisfied customers, and they are likely to spread positive word of mouth.

It Helps to Boost Company’s Profitability

Investing in the QA process will initially cost you a lot of money. However, in the long-run, this investment will give you much more return than you have expected. This is because it is worse to make a user angry by convincing him to buy a product that doesn’t even function properly.

It Boosts Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction plays a very important role in uplifting the company’s reputation along with profitability. Offering good quality software to the customers boosts their satisfaction. You are advised not be test your customers’ patience with defective software that you have to fix later on. Provide them with a good quality product, as a result, they will reward your loyalty by spreading positive word of mouth.

It Promotes Efficiency, Organization, and Productivity

You obviously do not want hurried fixes, frantic communication, and faulty software. Being prepared with your QA team from the starting of your development plan will empower you to be more productive with your time. By incorporating agile methodologies, where software developers develop and deliver smaller portions of the product on time, you can start testing the product when it is created rather than waiting till the end. Making software testing an integral part of your software plan you create a win-win situation for your user, clients, and team members.