8 Key Features For a Next Generation Test Management Tool

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  • Posted On: May 14, 2019

With the advent of information technology (IT) industry, the importance of software testing tools has increased. We are living in a modern world and we have modern problems. They require modern solutions and it is not possible if we don’t move forward. In the case of test management tools, the importance of updated tools is very important. The main reason is that next-generation tools have many additional features to offer which conventional tools don’t. Not only do these features help testers to overcome these issues, but also let them enjoy many additional benefits as well.

Here is a list of 8 basic features which distinguishes next-generation test management tool from conventional ones. Make sure that you know them before you select a management tool for your upcoming task. There you go:

1. A Power Dashboard to View it All

This is perhaps the most important feature of the next-generation tools. In legacy tools, you have to climb from one place to another in order to check the status of the work in progress. Luckily, next-generation tools save us from all of this trouble. In fact, they provide a powerful dashboard with metrics which ensure a complete view of the work status. All you need to have is a login which is accessible by the whole team so that anyone can view the work progress. Kualitee is a fine example of such next-generation tools.

2. Real-time Results

Another important feature of these tools is that they provide real-time insights of tasks. In simple words, they gather results and details from tests and compile reports accordingly. After this, these tools automatically make the report visible at the dashboard. This helps the stakeholders and decision-makers to take the necessary steps.

3. Multi-Speed IT is Possible

You can choose any methodology of development without worrying about multi-speed IT. Next-generation tools go easily with your strategy of development. The tools can be one or more than one at a time. This will not affect the results of the tests. This feature makes on-time delivery possible. This brings us to the next feature which focuses on the importance of on-time delivery.

4. Software Delivery Process at its Best

For on-time delivery of your project, it is very important that the tools you are using can integrate with each other. This ensures the delivery of the software or mobile application on time. A good next-generation management tool supports the whole process effectively from idea to production.

5. In-tool Communication

It is another very important key feature of a modern or next-generation management tool. During software testing, a tester needs to communicate with the developers or software engineers at many instances. Conventional management tools don’t provide in-tool communication and this causes confusions and delays in workflows. Next-generation test case management tools offer effective and easy in-tool communication features. This helps to make sure that the communication among the team goes down smoothly and there is no delay in workflow due to lack of communication.

6. Integration Made Easy

If you don’t want to abandon your favorite tool then simply don’t abandon them. A modern management tool will integrate with your favorite tool. For example, you can integrate your testing tool with JIRA and in the meanwhile, the tester can review progress while the developing team is doing their job. That’s pretty neat. Right?

7. Easy Import of Test Cases

You can import all the test cases from a legacy tool in the snap of a finger. It is just as simple as clicking a button. This feature helps you to save a lot of time and resources at the same time. Above all, you are able to deliver the project to the stakeholders at an ideal time.

8. Cost-Effective Solution

Next-generation tools are specially developed to understand all your needs for software development. The best part about these tools is that they are very cost-effective. Practically, they don’t just save you a lot of money but also save you a lot of time and human resources. That’s something to count on.


The world is advancing and we need to advance with it. Same goes for software testing. Next-generation testing tools are an answer to your testing problems. Now, you know the 8 features to look for in a testing tool for your next project. So, keep your testing game up and take advantage of these advancements to their fullest.