Three activities are shown here on the top of the dashboard

Test scenarios: Stating number of Test Scenarios against project
Test case: Stating number of Test Cases against project
Defects: Stating number of Defect against project

Five graphs are being shown such as the following:

Heat Map: Show’s the health of each project by showing the number of defects open and fixed
Trend Analysis: It will show the current statuses of the defects
Defect by Severity: Refer to the severity of the defect being logged with filter
Defect by Status: Refer to status of the defect logged with filter
Test case Status: Refer to the current status of the test case with filter
Executed Test Cases: Refer to the test cases which has been executed with filter
Pie Charts: Pie Chart can be accessed by clicking on any Bar graph to analyze the number of defects considered which lead to the particular result.

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