The project screen contains a list of all your active and archived projects.

Creat Project

To create your project you simply click on create project button.

Not all testing projects are the same so you have the option to choose your project type and even customize the project type if required.

Choosing any project type will subsequently make any related OS, browser and devices field appear dynamically.


Fill out the following text fields to create your project

  • Project Name (Project Name must be at least 5 characters long.)
  • Choose Project Type from project type drop-down
  • Choose the Operating system from the given Operating system drop-down
  • If you select Native Mobile Applications you can select device tab will appear to enter the devices.
  • “Operating System” field is now enabled
  • Write down any operating system in the “Operating System” field
  • Provide a brief description of your project
  • If clicked on “Cancel” link, the project will not be created and user will be redirected to “Create New Project” page

Once the details are final click on create to save your project. A success message confirms that your project is saved successfully.


Edit and Delete Projects

To edit project details, add users to projects or archive your projects, you simply hover the mouse to the list and click on any of the action buttons

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