Kualitee has integrated itself with GitLab issues. This exclusive two-way integration allows you to sync your issues between Kualitee and Gitlab. Each GitLab project can be linked with a Kualitee project to sync all reported issues in both projects. Since its a two-way integration all updates made on the issue will automatically get synched that includes a change in status, additional comments and association changed through Kualitee.


Creating GitLab Integration

To integrate with GitLab, you click on ‘create integration’ in settings and choose GitLab from the product. Provide your email, password, and domain URL to successfully create domain level integration.



Once the integration is created, the next step is to map projects.

Under the GitLab Projects, you will see the list of projects you have in GitLab. While in the Kualitee project you will see the list of projects you have on Kualitee.



The basic mapping is a hard-coded field to field mapping between Kualitee and GitLab. Below is a table that shows the mapping for each field.



Users in GitLab can also follow the template below to provide additional information for the fields available in Kualitee.



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