Requirement Planning

You can use requirements planning to associate your existing test scenarios and test cases with parent and sub-requirement.

Creating Requirements & Sub-Requirements

To create requirements, you simply go in project management, select requirements and click on create requirement. Your first requirement is your parent requirement and you can assign sub-requirements to by selecting the parent requirement from the drop-down. A parent requirement can have multiple sub-requirements and the user can also associate test scenarios and test cases with these sub-requirements.


Associating Test Scenarios and Test Cases

If you already have test scenarios and test cases in your project, you can associate them with your requirements or you can edit your test cases in Test management and select the requirement from the drop-down field.

Import & Export Requirements

To import your already created requirements you can simply download the CSV template and enter all the relevant information including your test scenario and test cases if you want them to be associated with your requirements. This will automatically create all the entries and populate the information.

Note: Kindly make sure that all the fields are mapped properly to avoid any issues.


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