Test Cases

The test case contains summary, test steps, precondition, postcondition developed for specific test scenario to verify any requirement. Mutiple test cases can be associated with test scenarios and requirements for any build and module.

Creating a test case

  • Ensure that a Project has been selected from the ‘Select Project’ drop-down on top bar
  • To create a new Test Case select the ‘Test Case’ tab from within the Test Management tab
  • Click on “Create Test Case” button


While creating test case, Test case ID, Summary and Test type are compulsory fields. While other are optional fields.

Kualitee by default has different roles with specific set of permission. If you are a tester creating test cases, you will need to get them approved before moving them forward for execution. By default, your domain admin, test manager has the permission to approve test cases. You can ask for approval with each created test case or in bulk when importing them.



Import and Export of Test Case

Additionally, you can also import your already created test cases, you can either upload your own copy and map the fields according to Kualitee fields using the in-app mapping wizard or you can download the template and use that to upload your list of test cases.



You can export your data in three different formats CSV, Excel and Word. Click on any of the icons will get your file ready for export and promp you when its ready for download.


Bulk Edit

You can use the bulk edit option to change associations between data e.g build, module, requirements and test scenarios associated with your test cases can be changed using the bulk edit option for selected or otherwise all of the items in the listing.

Note: Associations once changed cannot be reverted back to earlier state.


Bulk Action

The action button allows you to save your test cases as templates for future use or save them as a copy. Additionally, you can also approve and reject test cases as well.

Delete and Bulk Delete

To delete an item(s) from the list you have to hove to that specific test cases and the option to delete, edit will appear at the end of the row. You can also bulk delete by selecting mutiple test cases and click on the bulk button.


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