Control Your Entire Testing Process From One Tool

Release high-quality software, collaborate easily with team members, and get real-time insights into your QA and development processes—all from a single platform.


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Testing Made Simple

  • Plan

    Make detailed test plans with test scenarios and test cases with customizable fields & unlimited attachments

  • Test

    Execute multiple test cycles with accuracy and speed using features such as bulk edit, while attaching defects along the way

  • Track

    Keep track of changes through a detailed history of all activities and editors

  • Organize

    Associate test cases to builds, modules, and requirements, to have reliable test repositories

  • Reuse

    Drag and drop tests in multiple test cycles, simply duplicate a test cycle for regression or save as a template for easy reusability

  • Trace

    Keep complete linkage between your requirements, test cases, and defects, for effortless backward and forward traceability

  • Insights

    Monitor project health and build reliability with an integrated view of test case coverage, execution speed, and defects

  • Speed

    Save time with easily reusable test cases in reliable repositories as well as dynamic workflows for smart team collaboration

  • Mobility

    Stay updated with a dashboard to monitor project health & efficiency, on the go

Integrate with Tools you Already Use

Test your products with integrations that systemize and manage efficiently. Defects or execution of functions can be taken care of in a fashion that suits your ease as you choose from multiple tools.

Experience Success on Day One

What are you looking to improve?

  • Test Process
  • Test Management
  • Test Plans
  • Test Scenarios
  • Test Cases
  • Test Cycles
  • TestCase Portability
  • Defect Reporting
  • Defect Management
  • Defect Traceability
  • Custom Reports
  • Management Reports