Integrate Seamlessly with Your Favorite Tools

Why switch applications when you can multi-task efficiently, function more productively and expand your work scope? Integration with other services makes it easier to multi-task without any interruptions.

Integrate Seamlessly, Work Intelligently

Let our Test management tool help you execute testing effectively and avoid failures. Manage your requirements, view defects, and execute multiple functions across the system simultaneously by simply integrating our Test Management system with your handy tools for seamless benefits.

Integrate with Selenium and Automate your Test Management

Kualitee integrates with the top-ranking automation tool Selenium to ship the product in the limited time constraints.

Kualitee is a powerful test management tool that lets you automate your test cases via Selenium

Incorporate input-driven scripts in your test cases and view them running with least human intervention and experience reduced error index

The process of automation performs test case execution directly on Selenium


Get the automated results on Kualitee with your approved test cases.

The Kualitee-Selenium integration supports Python and C# programming language.

Generate custom test & execution reports in a format of your choice on your automated test cases and its execution

Kualitee’s seamless integrations lets you:

Perform a number of activities with these integrations from pushing pipelines to syncing defects to creating custom test and bug report. Manage your releases with the integration of some of the most powerful CI tools. Collaborate with your teams on either tool and never miss on anything mission critical.


Sync Issues


Continuous Delivery


Custom Reports


Quick releases


Trigger custom Notifications


Team Collaboration

Need more convincing? Sign up with Kualitee and facilitate your testing needs in an efficient, cost-effective manner!

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